This website gives emphasis on the advocacy of Share Fair Nation. Contrary to what many believe, we are not their official webpage. We do not even come close because we are not in anyway affiliated to their organization. What we are is simply a group of people who are in great support of their advocacy. As such, we always strive to introduce them to the public.


We recognize that not many know about the importance of technology to education. We see technology as simply something that gives us an easier or more convenient way to connect with people. We see the importance of technology on the gadgets that we buy on a regular basis. However, that is not where the helpfulness of technology lies. This is also fundamental when it comes to improving the learning process in schools.


We do not discount the usefulness of books. But nowadays, almost every information can now be found on the internet. Doing research is made even better than ever. You can easily find almost every information you need if you just know how to classify legitimate information. There are even electronic books that can be found online which would aid you in learning better. More than that, with the use of the internet, you can also access other research materials that were already made by other researchers before. Such can be your guide in making your research and scientific papers.


The responsible use of the internet is just one of the many resources that can be introduced to the students. Yes, they may already be aware of how the internet works but not everyone knows how to make advanced searches. This is what we aim to promote here on this website.


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