This Frequently Asked Questions page will give you an overview of the website. This is made to aid people in knowing more about us and in understanding our goals better. We know that there are people who are still not aware that the education system in some parts of the country is not yet that modernized. So we hope to address that here so that people in the community can start up a course of action that would benefit our youth significantly. In case your questions are not yet answered here, do not hesitate to email us today so we can address it immediately.


Is this an official website of Share Fair Nation?


No, it isn’t. Although we always showcase them in our articles, this is not the official website of Share Fair Nation. We are instead just a supporter of their advocacy. We help them be understood better by the general public so that there will be more people who can help them with their advocacy. Why did we choose them? Simply because education and technology should go hand and hand. We believe that technology can help a lot when it comes to improving the state of the education we have now. More than that, it can be utilized by the youth so that the learning process can be made easier and more convenient for them.


How can we help?


There are many ways to help us in our advocacy. You can spread awareness and you can also volunteer. For the latter, you can simply send an email straight to the Share Fair Nation so you can assist them in their advocacy.


Can we access your website without registration?


This website is free for all. You can access this anytime for free. No need anymore to register unless you are going to interact with other guests at our forum site.