I like that this website is dedicated to serving the community better. I was not aware that the educational system we have currently is not yet that updated. This is why, with this website giving me more information about it, now I know. It makes me more proactive in educating those professors I am friends with about the many software they can use to make education more fun for their students. We were students once ourselves. So, we are the first to understand that there are times when learning is not always interesting although it is vital. This is why I help them when it comes to the techniques. So far, the feedback is good. There are even those who keep on consulting with me when it comes to other icebreakers I know of. I hope that more people would be aware of what is lacking when it comes to our educational system. I wish that everyone would help one another in improving our educational system for the benefit of our youth.




This website is very informative in putting to the mainstream the issues we are facing when it comes to our educational system. This should never be overlooked since this will greatly impact our children. What more is that this requires action from all of the community since it is everyone who would be affected by these changes. The need for our educational system to integrate modern technology should be adopted immediately. Computers and other gadgets should not anymore be seen just as devices that provide entertainment. Instead, they should be utilized responsibly so that parents can stop seeing them as a bane to the education of kids. Everyone benefits from the existence of modern technology. It is about time that students use it to further their studies and to improve their way of learning.